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One lovely cell in center of Rhodopes!
  From ancient seasons Rhodope mountain range Onself glory with intransitive beauty in the four year seasons, the singular confections of the local cookhouse, the cordial reception of Rhodopes people and the original folklore, impregnated with idiosyncratic songs and customs.  
  The universes, that are lovely, as well predispose fact active winter and summer tourism. At winter sojourns it is well for a ski sports,, and the summer stop gives opportunities for search, Fly - fishing, mountainous transitions by leader, meeting of Woodland Fruits and herbs and others.  
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  The climate was qualified with Mecca in middle Rhodopes for damp winter for cool dry summer as well as well. In the winter the white covering is durable and is in continuance in more than 6 months. Through the summer months the average day temperatures do not overshoot an 25-the degree that attracts much tourists, searches, of rescue from the summer hotnesses. The number is nearly 300 in the year on the sunny days.  




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